• Starters

      Something to start with

    • Gourmet Oysters

      Gourmet Oysters

    • Tasty Sandwiches

      Tasty Sandwiches


      With ham, eggs, cheese and arugula for perfect start of the dinner!

    • Soups

      Warm and full of taste

    • Angel Soup

      Angel Soup


      From different vegetables.

    • Yellow Soup

      Yellow Soup


      Traditional soup from India.

    • Main dishes

      For hungry men

    • Sirloin Steak

      Sirloin Steak


      With rosemary and cherry tomatoes.

    • Thai Noodles

      Thai Noodles


      With chicken or vegetables.

    • Couscous



      Served with vegetables, appropriate for vegans.

    • Pizza Dining Restaurant

      Pizza Dining Restaurant


      Extras: olive oil, turkey ham, ketchup, sweet corn, Tabasco.

    • Pizza Margarita

      Pizza Margarita


      Extras: olive oil, turkey ham, pineapple, arugula.

    • Desserts

      Something sweet for the end, right?

    • Cheese Cake

      Cheese Cake


      This is our home-made super delicious cheese cake.

    • Walnuts Cake

      Walnuts Cake


      One amazing cake for you.