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If you are new to CrossFit, you can benefit by joining our Fundamentals programs. This is offered for a three-week session that includes six CrossFit fundamental classes along with two weightlifting classes. If you just want to get back to CrossFit, you can choose our refresher classes too. Together with the trainer, you can create a good CrossFit training program that will help you see results that you want to achieve. We work to see you succeed.

GymPress provides CrossFit classes to our members to help them improve their strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and their overall fitness. Our classes are effective and unique to help achieve optimal health. Each of the class lasts for 60 minutes and is led by our certified trainer.
The trainer will start by covering all the prescribed workouts for the day. He will then start by warming up that compromises of a different range of motion are stretching and activation to prepare your body for what is about to come. Each day will vary, and the trainer will focus on different techniques. The workouts can last anything from one minute to 40 minutes. The trainer implements different movements into the program that will include powerlifting, strongman, gymnastics and other cardiovascular work.

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